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We provide quality, therapeutic client focused massage, muscle tension relief, improve muscle function, stress and pain management for your wellness. Re-Define Your Health.

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Massage Therapy That Cares About Your Tattoos

So you just got a new tattoo, can you get a massage?

The answer is No.

Rubbing your new tattoo can be painful, can cause irritation, most likely develop into a rash with an infection.


While your tattoo is healing it is not recommended to submerse in water, expose to sunlight, go to the gym or rub or peel for any reason.

Tattoos usually heal within 3-4 weeks for the outer layers of skin. However, 16 weeks can be the average healing time for the lower layers of the skin. However, remember everyone is different in the healing process.

If your new tattoo is peeling, we suggest you wait until the skin falls off naturaly. Avoid scratching, itching or picking at your fresh tattoo.

Inflammation is part of the healing process however if the inflmmation persists visit your doctor.

Seek medical advice or a doctor to determine complete healing of your tattoo so you can enjoy a safe Registered Massage without any chance of infection.

Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy takes very special care of your new tattoo to preserve its original design.

We also take very special care of existing tattoos for continuous safe tattoo care.

With your tattoo completely healed, with no scabbing or peeling, Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy can apply therapeutic treatment to the area with safe organic fragrance free – free from dyes – alcohol free oils.

Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy gives your tattoo the care it needs to keep your tattoo vibrant lasting a lifetime.